How to earn decent income from your blog

How To Earn Decent Income From Your Blog

How to earn decent income from your blog

How to earn decent income from your blog

There are so many good blogs which make money every year. Yes, this is possible to make money via blogging. If you focus on publishing informative and quality content and building an audience, you can easily monetize your blog. There are so many blog monetization strategies and bloggers can use them. You can go for Best free blog sites in order to make the things easier and less expensive for you.

Affiliate marketing:

Nowadays this is the most popular way to monetize your blog. This is a performance based marketing where blogger earn money or fixed commission on referring the visitor to another website or company. You have to recommend a product or service to your readers and encourage them to click on the website link to make purchase. Once your readers click on the link and purchase the product or service of Recommend Company. You will get commission in return.

Sell an e-book:

You can create and sell your own e-book. You have to do survey in order to find out the best topic for e book.

Offer your service:

Your blog can be a great platform to start an online career. There may be lots of options including travel planning, design and branding services, social media marketing, VA services, offering writing services, coaching, counselling and much more. Your blog can be the main earning source for you.


You can also allow people to publish ads to your blog and you can go for adsense advertisement. This is also a good and secure way to earn money.


Well there are various ways to make money by using your blog but we have listed few of them. You can create your blog and audience around it so that you can use these ways to earn money.



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